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A little about what we do

Supply Chain Management

We build and maintain software for some middlesize to large product distribution companies in North America. We manage data relating to inventory managment, pick pack and shipment. We have integrated with Tax, Shipping and logistics and payment processing services.

Web Deployed Applications

Using state of the art technology, we deploy highly available, redundant web infrastucture to support our web applications. Our web services serve thousands of requests per second, so we are familiar performance concerns.

Mobile App

Todays world has moved from the desktop to the handheld, bringing with it, new constraints. Minimal filesize, low processing power, and online/offline capabilities, and completely different interaction modes. We have several apps in the app store, and more in the pipeline.

“The business we're in is more sociological than technological, more dependent on workers' abilities to communicate with each other than their abilities to communicate with machines.”

― Tom DeMarco, Peopleware

Who we are

We are a great team

With many years experience in building enterprise applications, Daniel Taylor brings a wealth of experience to the team. Responsible for infrastructure and scalable web services, our clients leverage him in every project

Daniel Taylor
Chief Architect

Alvaro tends to take on back-end services and APIs. With lots of experience in database and data transfer, he ensures we can integrate with any third party system.

Alvaro Pajaro
Lead Developer

Diana helps in client communication, and technical support. Her attention to detail ensure we meet the business requirements and her great communication skills ensure we are always on-top of production issues.

Diana Gutierrez
Technical Support

Our resident expert in React and all things front-end, Sergio manages his own team. Whether javascript frameworks or mobile development, his skills allow us to deliver a polished product every time.

Sergio Loaiza
Lead Developer

Lina helps our development teams deliver error-free software. She tests every angle and documents her findings for the team to review. Generally the unsung hero, we would be lost without her.

Lina Castaneda
Quality Assurance

When we need help on building super polished interfaces, we call on Rob's artistic mind. He absorbs the raw requirements and returns the most effortless user experience.

Rob Haines
User Experience Designer

Canal knows infrastructure. He manages our docker deployments and CI services using Bamboo and JEST.

Canal Vera

Anderson works primarily on front-end and payment gateway integrations.

Anderson Urrego

Osneider develops with React MongoDB and Nodejs. He has boosted the development of our internal projects.

Osneider Martinez

and many more ...

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